Timetable Silsilah Dance Group

1st October 2010 : Beginning of the project

The first two weeks of the program include introduction classes in Ballet and Modern Dance (Doris Humphrey technique) as well as a welcoming meeting with all the participants

Mid-October to November : First artistic residency with Christoph Winkler (Germany)

6th November 2010 : Workshop Presentation at the Theatre of the French Cultural Centre

November – December 2010 : Workshop with Bérengère Valour (France) and theatre workshop with Karine Fourcy and Brice Gaubert (France). Preparation of the second artistic residency

January – February 2011 : Second artistic residency with Bérengère Valour (France)

12th February 2011 : Premiere of ‘Illusion – Tawahumm’, by Bérengère Valour, with all the group, at the Theatre of the French Cultural Centre

16th February 2011 : Open talk with the audience and screening of the film retracing the work done since October 2010, with all the participants of the project, as well as the Director of the French Centre

March 2011 : participation in the Egyptian Nutcracker, performance on the last week of March, at the Great Hall of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

May 2011 : participation in Nassim El Raqs’ Festival (tbc)

June 2011 : end of the program of Silsilah 1

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