Flamenco is a vigorous rythmic dance style of the Andalusian Gypsies. By extension, the term also relates to the music style suitable to accompany these dances. Rather than merely accompanying dances, musicians and singers engage in a real dialogue with dancers, giving passionate and spontaneous pieces of dance. The central focal points of this genre, which originated and developed in Southern Spain (Andalucia), are compas (rythm), baile (dance) and cante (song). The Flamenco class aims at giving an insight into the Flamenco culture, through music and dance. Classes are open to beginners, although we advise newcomers to meet with our instructor before the first class.

About the instructor

Dahlia Ferrer began taking classes 12 years ago in San Diego, California with Juanita Franco, from Seville, Spain and later with Cihtli Ocampo, who lived in in Sevilla with the famed gypsy family, the Farrucos. Workshops included Juana Amaya, Diego Ortega Yolanda
Dahlia began dancing in tablaos (restaurants with a stage “tabla” for flamenco dancing) in San Diego, Miami and Mexico.
At the start of 2004 she was invited to lead the Flamenco section of Dunya Dance Theater, a fusion dance troupe. In winter 2004 she left San Diego to complete a tour of the Midwest and Eastern board of the U.S. with the Boston Flamenco Ballet (a nonprofi t organization dedicated to opening student’s eyes to Hispanic and Spanish culture).
In 2005, she assisted in preparations for the fi rst annual Cante Festival in Miami. Upon leaving the U.S., she has travelled to Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera and Granada on a regular basis to learn from the best such as: la Farruca, el Farruquito, el Farruco,
el Barullo, Iván Vargas, Mercedes Ruiz and Pastora Galván, and even ventured into singing classes with José Montoya (San Diego, California), Angelita Agujetas (San Diego, California) and Esperanza Fernández (Sevilla, Spain).
Dahlia is now based in Egypt and has organized major events and has performed.

Performances with Fernando Perez (Spanish guitarist) and Emad Hamdy (professor
of guitar at the American University in Cairo)
Sayed Darwish Opera House Theater, Alexandria 2009
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, October 2009 and in June, 2010
Sakiet el Sawy, Cairo Flamenco Festival, May 12, 13, 14, 2009
Nile FM, Zach’s Top 7 Countdown at 7, May 11, 2009
TV Appearance with talk show presenter, Ahmad Nour 2009
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2008


Classes every Friday at 6.30pm

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