Auberge des Pyramides Friday 21st October 7pm at Cafe Baudrot

Auberge des Pyramides                                       An evening dedicated to baladi dance, an intangible Egyptian heritage. Organised by Centre Rézodanse – Egypte, under the artistic direction of Fatiha Bouzidi and Lucien Arino, in the framework of the 2nd AlexandrianLire la suite « Auberge des Pyramides Friday 21st October 7pm at Cafe Baudrot »

Creative programme

We’re back with another creative programme just for kids & teenagers (age 6 to 14), each saturday from 15.00 till 18.00! Activities include: Drawing, HipHop, Fitness, Crafts, Origami, Puppets, Photography, Folk arts, intro to dance and much more! 🙂 Come book your kid’s place and let the fun begins! For more information please check the information bar onLire la suite « Creative programme »