Creative Programme for children

The creative programme is a comprehensive training course for children, aiming at developing the creativity and artistic talent of your child.

Starting from 1st October 2011, the programme will propose each Saturday, on a period of 12 weeks, a wide range if activities, including introduction to dance, hip hop, puppetry, singing, drawing, theatre, photography, origami, handicraft, animation movies and folk dance.

The teaching is organized in 2 terms, each of them lasting 12 weeks.

In the end of term 1, children will present the outcomes of their works in the form of an open exhibition for their parents and friends. The work in term 2 will lead to a performance involving singing, dance, theatre, and costume design by the children themselves.


Teaching team

  • Introduction to dance, Lucien Arino
  • Hip hop, Alex Bboy
  • Singing, Mohamed Hosny
  • Theatre, Hatem Hassan (term 2)
  • Drawing, Nadia Tawfiq
  • Origami, Ossama Helmy
  • Animation movies, Ahmed Al Ashwa (term 2)
  • Puppetry, Wesal Abdelaziz
  • Handicraft, Abeer Ali and Donia Aziz
  • Photography, Mustafa Maged and Khaled Mahmoud
  • Folk dance, Fayrouz Ashraf

Teaching programme

Term 1 will be focused on intro to dance, hip hop, drawing, with additional classes in handicraft, photography, puppetry, singing, folk dance and origami on a rotation basis.

Term 2 will be focused on theatre and singing, with dance classes, handicraft, drawing, animation movies on a rotation basis.


  • Developing artistic skills and the awareness of children towards a wide range of artistic disciplines
  • Increasing the ability for the children to work as a team and to focus on a goal to reach for
  • Giving a wide insight into different activities among which the children will be able in the end to choose
  • Providing each participant with a regular assessment of his/her progress throughout the programme


12 weeks session, 3 classes each Saturday: 550 LE per participant

Discounted fees for families

Information and registration

Limited number of places available. 12 participants maximum per group.

Centre Rézodanse – Egypte

03 48 35 355 / 018 60 80 621


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