Rezodanse is glad to welcome new full-time teacher Georgia Moffa (UK)

Georgia Moffa BalletWe are glad to welcome our new full-time resident instructor, Georgia Moffa, who will be teaching Ballet, Contemporary dance, Pilates and Tango through the whole academic year 2015 – 2016. Georgia graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has been involved on several projects with the Scottish Ballet. Born in Rome, she started her training with the Rome Opera School of Ballet, before moving to Galsgow where she pursued her studies and obtained her BA in Classical Dance from the Royal Conservatoire.

She has worked in a dance project in collaboration with the Edinburgh University and the Conservatoire. It was a project involving complete improvisation, or “real time choreography”. Experimenting how the body moves without any inspiration from music except for sounds made by the movements themselves, bringing confidence to the movement of the limbs, the eyes, and the presence of the dancer when faced with an audience.

She has danced in partnership with the Scottish Ballet performing at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. Touring the Scottish Highlands and Islands with choreographies by Royston Maldoom and Cristopher Marney. Engaging with the community, and the other dance community groups that performed with them, is a section of dance she is very interested in, bringing ballet to the more remote areas of the world.

In the spring of 2013 she choreographed for the 100th anniversary of the Rite of Spring, choreographed to Stravinsky’s original music score for two pianos. Performed at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with live music.

Georgia is a professional Argentine Tango dancer and teacher, she trained and taught in Italy for four years, before moving to Scotland to further her ballet training. Taught by, and teaching partner to Ali Namazi, founder of the Argentine Tango Dance society in Italy. Georgia has taught in many cities across Scotland as well as abroad, in Italy and Poland.

Georgia works as a choreographer of Tango, ballet and contemporary. She choreographed for various live performances in Italy for Tango Festivals.

In the classes she teaches as well as when she dances, she emphasizes on the minute detail which adds beauty and grace to the dance.

The children’s ballet classes focus on movement and pure dance, focusing on rhythm, coordination and dynamics. For the younger students the class is focused around the pleasure and fun in dance, in impersonating and imagining characters to help with listening to the music and moving in accordance with it.

The adult ballet classes is classically based with contemporary principles along with ideas and philosophy from Yoga, Gyrokenises, and Pilates. Following the traditional exercise structure from a ballet class, it will focus mostly on elements that help train body awareness, aiming for a balance between freedom and control of the movement.

The dynamics of the class increase progressively using imagery in both the contemporary and ballet classes. Several states of consistency of the body and density of the space are explored. The material challenges each participant to discover the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion.

In the contemporary classes there will be set exercises and guided explorations, the dancers warm up gradually and start playing with being in and out of balance, effort and letting go. A special focus will be put on the contact of the feet on the floor, clarity of actions and of directions in the body and in relation to space, momentum, breath in the movement.

This class has a strong warmup focussed on floor and ab exercises. After that, plie’s, tendu’s and arm and leg swing exercise. Then a boost for the stamina in the jumps through space and to finish off the class a phrase combining floor elements from the warmup. As a cool-down a good stretch and ab exercise.

In Tango, a dance of expressive possibilities; because of its quality of improvised dance, it brings to us a code, but not rules, it opens up a space for freedom where it asks of the body to express itself and react to silent words.

The aim of the class is to build an organic and « real » body, looking for the natural, pedestrian, universal laws of movement. This does not refer to an abstract style or prototype, it takes into account that each body has its own story behind it, guiding each student on a path of research and awareness.

The transfer of weight disorientates gravity creating uncertainty and instability in the sequence of steps. Taking care of this act means being aware of what moves when we move. It is not the memory of the steps that make the dance, but the harmony between body and music. To experiment vitality and originality that make any dance a unique dance we need to create a connection between the body and the vibrations that go through it.

A thorough study of the art of movement, as well as being the foundations to create improvisation, it also allows the student to start to think with the body.

It is a challenge, but the particularity of tango is that there is nothing mechanical about it, feelings and emotions created it, and continue to keep it alive to this day.

It will be a step by step guide for balance and core strength, combined with footwork exercises, for an accurate, efficient and especially elegant Tango Dance.

In all the classes we are tuned into our breath, which is fundamentally used to support movement.

Georgia will be teaching Ballet, Contemporary dance, Tango and Pilates at Rezodanse through the academic year 2015 – 2016. Check our schedule to know when classes take place.

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