Silsilah Dance Programme

About the programme

Silsilah Dance Programme is Rézodanse’s annual educational programme for contemporary dance. Each year, a group of 15-20 young adults between 18-25 years old from Alexandria are recruited to follow an intensive training in contemporary dance, to engage in a creative process, and perform on stage, presenting their work throughout the edition as an original dance piece.

The programme is not only an opportunity for learning about dance; Silsilah also opens the door to a new way of self-expression, as well as individual development through art. It is also a community of like-minded people, developing their interest in dance, whether as future performers, dance enthusiasts, or followers and admirers of dance and performing arts.

Since 2015, Rézodanse has implemented 4 consecutive editions of the programme with professional choreographers from Egypt and abroad, and with a selection of professional dance instructors. Over the past editions, 6 dance performances were presented in different venues between Alexandria and Cairo, attended by almost 2500 people. The programme benefited more than 70 participants. The previous editions were supported by several partners and foundations ; i.e. British Council, French Institute, Goethe Institute, the EU Delegation in Egypt, the Roberto Cimetta Fund, and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC.

The Impact

As well as being an educational programme, Silsilah offers its participants a unique experience that relates to each and every one of them in its own way, addressing the relation to the body as a primary means towards empowerment and individual development. The programme incubates and harnesses these personal experiences, which emerge throughout its duration into a final artwork. This includes all the different inputs from the participants, under the mentorship of a professional choreographer who articulates all these elements into one original dance piece.

While the objective of Silsilah is not to train professional dancers, it has encouraged many of them to further pursue their training towards dance as a career, and it continues to inspire others in different aspects of their personal and professional lives.

« Being part of Silsilah Dance Programme at Rézodanse was a life changing experience for me. Growing up with all the taboos associated with arts in general, and with dance in particular, I found both emotional and physical liberation in this exceptional Alexandrian place. »

Sarah Nagaty
Former participant in 2015 – 2016 and 2016 – 2017
PhD student at the Catholic University in Lisbon, Portugal

« In this programme, I discovered a new life-course within myself and a new relationship with the space around, without the distraction of speech. I started to say more, to see more and to listen more, I became more aware of my body and those of others. I could feel I could see things differently. Since then movement became the most important word I would say, and the dance studio became the most relevant place to explore, to discover and to connect with. For me, this experience was a turning point in my performing career and will always be a very precious memory along my way. »

Mohand Qader
Former participant in 2017 – 2018
Professional dancer, currently working for Compagnie Olivier Dubois, France

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