Summer Workshops

Try out our Summer Workshops with brand new activities to celebrate the summer…


Salsa / Ragga Dancehall / Hip Hop / Flamenco


Get into the move and get ready for the summer break


Salsa = Sundays and Tuesdays at 7pm, special discounted rate of 200 LE for 8 classes a month (that is only 25 LE per class). Why not learn the mambo step and impress your friends on the dancefloor this summer

Ragga Dancehall = Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm. A mix between hip hop vibes and latin moves, Ragga Dancehall is the new phenomenon in Europe and the USA, so you’s better try it out

Hip hop = Whether you like breakdance or wanna try waves and locks, Hip hop is definitely the dance style that counts in our new century. Join our workshops with Alex every Saturday at 6pm

Flamenco = Two dedicated workshops under the supervision of Dalhia Ferrer, including an introduction to Flamenco dance and music, with also film screenings, on the weekends of the 16th and 23rd of June. Friday and Saturday. Class and Film screening. All inclusive = 12 hours in total, 200 LE. The only opportunity in Alexandria to learn about Spanish music and dance culture.

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