Open Dance Workshop with Richard Siegal (Germany/USA) at the Goethe Institute Friday 27th April 2012 from 4pm till 6pm.

Anyone who shares a strong passion for dance and who would like to take part in a fun and unique experience, in the framework of Dancing Egyptian Spring, is welcome.

How does it work?

Just come along this Friday, bring anything you would like to share (music, a few steps you would like to show, a costume), and take part in the workshop.

The activity is free, anyone is welcome.

Registration upon arrival.

Richard Siegal is an American choregrapher, based in Paris, and running a contemporary dance group in Berlin. He will be in Alexandria in the framework of Dancing Egyptian Spring, alongside 2 of his dancers. He is invited in the festival to adapt the Co-Pirates project, an interactive dance performance, already developped in various locations around the world. This time, Co-Pirates will be adapted to the Alexandrian context.

Following a presentation of his project, participants to the workshop will be able to present some steps of their choice (any dance background is welcome, i.e. hip hop, contemporary dance, Egyptian folk dance, oriental dance,…). Participants will then be invited to take part in the Co-Pirates project, which will be presented on 11th May in Alexandria.

Where does the workshop take place?

Goethe Institute (German Cultural Centre)

10 Rue des Ptolemees (off Sultan Hussein Street, opposite the Russian Cultural Centre)

Azarita – Alexandria

The workshop will start from 4pm. Please try to come a little before the beginning of the workshop for registration.

See you all there this Friday

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