Price list

Pricelist for 2016 – 2017

Annual membership / Adhésion annuelle /   الاشتراك السناوي = LE 50


4 classes per month / 4 classes par mois / 4 حصص في الشهر  = LE 180

8 classes per month / 8 classes par mois8 حصص في الشهر   = LE 320

Unlimited package (valid 1 month) / Forfait illimité (valable 1 mois) / بلا حدود) لمدة شهر)  = LE 400

Price per class / Prix par classe / سعر بالحصة = LE 50

NON MEMBER: Price per class / Prix par classe / سعر بالحصة = LE 60


Children’s classes 1 time per week / حصص للاطفال مرة في الاسبوع  = LE 150

Children’s classes 2 times per week / حصص للاطفال مرتان في الاسبوع   = LE 225

Children’s classes 3 times per week / حصص للاطفال 3 مرات في الاسبوع  = LE 300

Price per class / Prix par classe / سعر بالحصة = LE 40

Children’s classes SESSION (13 weeks, 2 classes per week) = 600 LE

دورة حصص للاطفال (13 اسبوع، حصتان في الاسبوع) = 600 جم 

Children’s classes INTENSIVE PROGRAMME (13 weeks, 3 classes per week) = 750 LE

دورة حصص للاطفال المكثفة (13 اسبوع، 3 حصص في الاسبوع) = 750 جم 



Private class 1 person = 175 LE per hour

Private class 2 persons = 225 LE per hour

Private class 3 persons = 275 LE per hour

Private class 4 persons and above = 300 LE per hour


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19 réponses à “Price list

  1. ana 3ayza 2shtark 3lshen 2t3lm el hip hop what can i do b2a 😀 so please answer me as soon as possible &that’s all 😀

    • You can join the Hip hop class every Tuesdays at 7.30pm. The class is taught by Mohamed Ali Fox, a new teacher who has been working in Turkey and Russia before, and who is a new member of our teaching team. See you this Tuesday 🙂

  2. Hey there! I’m 16 years old and I just moved to Alexandria this year. I’m considered in the adult section, right? I’d like to join the hip hop class, I’d like to know how much should I pay per session?

    • Dear Jana, thanks for your message. If you are 16 years old, you have to join the adult programme. We currently have dance classes in ballet, ragga jam and oriental. Soon we will put hip hop back into our schedule too. We hope to see you soon at our centre.

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    • Dear Amena, thanks for your message. We are launching a new hip hop class for adults and teenagers, Monday at 6pm, with Mohamed Fox. For more info call us on 034835355 / 01286080621. See you soon

  4. Hello 🙂 im 17 years old and i was dancing ballet when i was young and I stopped many years ago so i was asking if there’s ballet classes for adults as beginners maybe or something

    • Dear Maryam, thanks for your message. You are welcome to join the Ballet for Improvers class, Saturday at 5pm. It is open to beginners with some little background in ballet, so that would suit your level. For more info, call us on 034835355 / 01286080621. See you soon

    • Dear Nada, thanks for your message. You are welcome to join the new Ballet for adults total beginners class, starting Thursday 28 January at 6pm. You can call us for more info on 034835355 / 01286080621. See you soon

  5. hi..i’m 22 and i just recovered from some sort of illness.. i need somthing to make me feel strong and confidant again .. would dancing maybe hip hop helps? and how much the classes will coast?

    • Dear Doha, thanks for your message. Surely starting dance classes could make you feel strong and more confident. You can try our range of classes, including hip hop, but also contemporary dance, ballet, salsa, and tango. We also provide fitness dance classes such as zumba and dance africa. Feel free to call us for more info on 034835355 / 01286080621. See you soon

  6. I wonder what’s the name of dance type who people perform at clubs?! Like on just random songs in disco and stuff like that? And do you offer such courses??!

    • Dear Karim, thanks for your message. The type of dance that people perform at clubs is rather improvised and basic. There is no course for such a dance style, to our knowledge. Nonetheless, you can join our studio and try out other types of dance, such as hip hop, contemporary, salsa, tango, etc… Call us on 034835355 for more info

    • Dear Habiba, thanks for your message. There is no such discipline called freestyle. However, you can freestyle or improvise on many styles of dance. You could join our regular Hip hop workshops, as well as the weekly contemporary dance class. Check the adults’ schedule. See you soon

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